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Word to PDF Converter Pro is a fully renovated version of this well-known converter, which was available so far in its plug-in form. While its high-speed, professional-quality conversion capabilities have remained intact (if not improved), the addition of a proper interface and a set of command-line options offer a higher level of customization and a more versatile range of possibilities. It is capable of converting any DOC, RTF, and DOCX file into a perfect PDF document in seconds.
Its most impressive feature is still the high level of quality of its PDF output, which we already knew from the standard version. The level of accuracy in which the original layout of the MS Word document is reproduced in the PDF file is incredibly high. Be it just text, or text with images, graphics, etc., the output document will be nothing but a clone of the fonts, the different elements and their distribution on the page. However, those who need high speed as much as perfection will not regret having a go at Word to PDF Converter Pro. Regardless of the complexity of the original Word file, this application is sensibly faster than its “official” counterpart is, and the results are just as good.
Its new interface offers a number of customization settings that are worth mentioning. Most of them are geared toward the optimization of the PDF output, trying to find a balance between quality and file size. Thus, you are offered a number of options to make your PDF file as light as you need – you can compress text, graphics, and images (even downgrading them from CMYK to RGB quality), or you can embed (in your PDF document) just the characters used by the Word file, instead of the whole font set. As a bonus, you can set the level of security of the output file (password included) before it even exists.
Finally, the possibility of launching the conversion process by using a (limited) set of command-line options is a true bonus for those who would like to see this tool embedded in their own scripts.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Accurate, high-quality conversion to PDF of the original layout of the MS document
  • High speed performance
  • Command-line capabilities


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